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Vodafone Offers Free Educational Websites Since 2020

Free Educational Websites
MOET/Institutions Description Domain Name
MOET MOET main Website www.education.gov.vu
MOET main Website www.moet.gov.vu
Online learning https://notesmaster.com
Other Resourceful Websites
Free E-book in 40 Languages https://www.digitallibrary.io/
Gaming app (Android)that teaches children reading and writing fundamentals -Feed the monster https://www.feedthemonsterapp.com/
Puzzle/Letter Gaming App designed for 4+ years old https://www.antura.org/download/
Online book Library https://bloomlibrary.org/landing
Ekitabu bookshop homepage https://www.ekitabu.com/
Books to download https://shop.ekitabu.com/free-books.html
Digital libraries are viewable in local and national sign language https://deafworldaroundyou.org/Stories
Ebooks for people with reading Barrier https://www.bookshare.org/cms/
tablet based early learning program with games, books, videos, music in English http://kitkitschool.com/product/
App for children to teach themselves to read, write and do basic numeracy https://kukua.me/sema/
Offers free audio books https://stories.audible.com/start-listen
For students research https://www.wikipedia.org/
For students research https://www.khanacademy.org/
Malapoa College Malapoa Colege main Website http://malapoacollege.edu.vu/
Moodle http://malapoacollege.edu.vu/moodle/
National Univeristy of Vanuatu Moodle https://edt.etudessupvan.edu.vu:10443/moodle/
National University of Vanuatu main Website https://etudessupvan.edu.vu
Central School Central School main website http://www.centralschool.edu.vu/
Pikinini Playtime Online learning website https://www.box.com/
University of South Pacific(USP) Moodle https://elearn.usp.ac.fj/
Samoa Lectures https://samlectures.usp.ac.fj/
Vanuatu Lectures https://vanlectures.usp.ac.fj
Log in to Open cast https://vrepo.usp.ac.fj
BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for on-line learning https://bbb.usp.ac.fj
Eportfolio https://eportfolio.usp.ac.fj/
Port Vila International School(PVIS) PVIS main Website http://www.pvisvanuatu.org/
Main app used by Primary Students https://support.google.com/a/answer/9012184?hl=en
Online Tutoring and Teachers resource https://epforlearning.com/
Apps helps student study english as second language https://learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/
Apps helps student study english as second language https://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/
Apps helps student study english as second language https://www.natgeokids.com/
Sea-Saw APP https://help.seesaw.me/hc/en-us/articles/205769045-My-network-is-blocking-Seesaw-How-do-I-fix-this-
Lycee Francais Lycee Fracais main Website http://www.lfportvila.edu.vu/en/
Universite de la Nouvelle-caledonie(UNC) UNC main Website https://foad.unc.nc/
UNC moodle login page https://sso.unc.nc/cas/login
Vanuatu Government IP address Vanuatu Government URLS
vanuatu Government URLS
MOH Covid-19 website https://www.gov.vu/en/
Covid-19 landing page https://trendmediapacific.wishpond.com/mohvan-covid19update/

Questions & Answers:


Do I have to be a student to sign up?

Yes, you will need to provide a valid student ID to sign up to our student pack plans.

1. Visit a Vodafone shop and pay your bills.

2. Use Internet Banking

Payment via Internet/Bank Deposit

Payment via internet banking or bank deposit can be made in favor of Vodafone Vanuatu into any of the following accounts.

Please ensure that you include your Customer ID number in the transaction reference field, so that we are able to allocate your payment correctly.


Account Number

ANZ Bank Vanuatu


Bred (Vanuatu) Ltd


National Bank of Vanuatu


BSP Vanuatu



Please note online banking payment (e.g. via your bank) will take between 24- 72 hours to reflect your account.

3.  Use MVATU Vodafone Bill Pay Service

You will receive your invoice through your mailbox address you provided when you signed up. To update your mailbox address, email customer care at customercare@vodafone.com.vu or call 081111.

Customers must comply with Vodafone’s standard payment term, which is payment on or before the 20th of each month
If you do not pay your bill by the date indicated on your bill, your internet will be disconnected until you settle your outstanding bill and pay a reconnection fee of 1500vt vat exclusive.
Visit our sales agents at a Vodafone shop and request for changes to your subscription.
To manage your account, go to “My Account” tab online Vodafone’s website: www.vodafone.com.vu If you do not have your login credentials, call our customer care on 081111 to create your account. You can also text ‘Query’ to 183 via SMS to check your data balance.
If you are purchasing additional packages frequently then you should upgrade your package to save more.
Free unlimited night internet starts from 10pm to 6am on weekdays and from 7pm to 7am on weekends
  • The Modem/Router device is charged at 13,500vt vat inclusive.
  • Alcatel Mifi is charged at 5,000vt vat inclusive
  • Huawei MiFi is charged at 9,750vt vat inclusive
  • Check Modem ?MiFi
  • Check if Internet light is ON
  • If LOS light is ON on the modem, call customer service on 081111
  • Check your APN is on ltebbd.vodafone.vu